In which bucket are you?




what effective board leadership looks like, but I(we) need support in making it a reality.




what effective board leadership looks like and I(we) need support learning about it.




as it relates to effective board leadership and I(we) need facilitated support to help me(us) grow strong.

No one bucket is worse than the other (well, one is a little scarier than the others). The reality is you are probably in all three buckets regarding different board responsibilities, functions, and subject areas.


I-KNOWI know we should have board committees, so we do, but none of them is functioning.—Bucket #1

I-KNOWI don’t know what to tell my board to do.—Bucket #2

I-KNOWWe lost our tax exemption. I didn’t know we had to file, even with no revenue.—Bucket #3

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