Building an Engaged Board

Getting to the R.O.O.T. of the MatterSM

(Recruitment, Orientation, and On-going Training)


Our Nonprofit Organizations

…rely on exceptional boards of directors to steer them into the future with a goal of sustainability and impact as the North Star.  Executive Directors and Founders lament over getting their board to engage and lead.  Reasons for board dysfunction are two-fold: One– the board does not understand its role and responsibilities (click here for Certificate in Nonprofit Board Governance) and Two-the board does not have an effective Board Governance Committee.  Too often the board looks to the Chief Executive Officer (e.g. executive director) to recruit, orient, and train board members.  This is actually a board driven responsibility with Chief Executive input.

This course is designed to educate and train key board members on how to successfully build and maintain an engaged board through a 9-step process.  Help your organization “move the needle” to sustainability and impact by employing best practices for board recruitment, orientation, and on-going training, to elevate the board to exceptional status!

Glenda Hicks is available to present this 3 to 4 hour training for your:

  • Local, regional, or national nonprofit conference
  • Nonprofit agency’s board of directors
  • Grantees as part of a technical assistance grant/program

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Who Should Attend
  • Board Chair
  • Governance Committee Chair
  • Nominating Committee Chair
  • Executive Director
Learning Objectives:
  • To understand the purpose and value of a Governance Committee
  • To understand the 3-phases (9-steps ) to building and engaging an exceptional board
  • To learn ideas, activities, and tools for the phases
  • To identify resources for recruiting board members
  • To engage in peer-to-peer learning around barriers to success