Certificate in Nonprofit Board Governance Training Series

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Every community deserves services that help it thrive! Citizens have a basic human right to affordable housing, access to healthcare, safe streets, legal representation, mental health counseling, world-class education, workforce skills development, clean air, greenspace, and a variety of additional social, economic, and religious benefits. Not-for-profit organizations are vital to every community because they provide these services in heroic ways that sustain our citizens and build thriving communities. Nonprofit organizations stand in the gap for so many people when they need a helping hand.


Our not-for-profit organizations cannot be effective and high-performing, meeting their missions and creating impact unless they have a board of directors that understands its roles and responsibilities, willingly accepts those roles and responsibilities, and then executes their duties with the same accountability and leadership skills they employ in other areas of their lives.

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501c Impact! The Nonprofit Board Governance Game

We are excited to introduce 501c Impact! The Nonprofit Board Governance Game as one of the creative resources we utilize in training our participants!

To eliminate the struggle to find these qualified board members, our firm offers a Certificate in Nonprofit Board Governance program that trains individuals to serve on the board of directors of not-for-profit organizations, with the goal of creating a pipeline of qualified individuals that organizations can access, review, form a relationship with, and determine whether there is a good fit for what the organization and the certified board prospect are both seeking.

We partner with businesses, grant funding organizations, government entities, universities, and other entities by having them join us as a co-sponsor to offer this program in the community, for a cohort of trainees from either the sponsoring organization or from the community at-large, who are ready to lend their time, talent, and treasure in service to the community. To discuss further, Click Here to contact us.

Sample Co-Sponsoring Partners

  • An internal training opportunity for your company employees
  • A collaborative program between your chamber, community foundation, and/or County Collaborative
  • A nonprofit training event sponsored by local corporations
  • A nonprofit training event sponsored by funders (e.g. Federal, State, or Local government agencies)
  • A collaborative offering through your local college or university
Who Should Attend
  • Those from companies which want to strengthen their community presence and impact
  • Existing Board members who have not received formal nonprofit Board training
  • Those who have never served on a nonprofit Board
  • Those who have served on a nonprofit Board but felt lost, unfulfilled or ineffective
  • Those who want to effectively give to their community by sharing their time, talent and gifts
Learning Objectives:
  • To understand the basic roles and responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit Board
  • To understand the expectations of a Board member
  • To understand how to work effectively with Board members and the staff Chief Executive
  • To gain access to nonprofit organizations seeking Board members
What the Graduates are Saying….
  • “Invaluable training for anyone on a nonprofit board or someone considering a board position” – William F.
  • “A great experience” – Irene B.
  • “This session was an excellent foundation for any board member or staff person of a non-profit” – Brenda R.
  • “I would recommend this workshop to all prospective or new nonprofit board members” – Patricia T.
  • “The training is great for existing board members as well as those interested in serving on a board for the first time.” – Allan B.
  • “Glenda is a skilled, knowledgeable facilitator who presents information that is not only insightful, but is also applicable” – Pierrette M.
  • “Attending the Nonprofit Board Governance Series provided me with valuable insight on ways to improve and enhance, and empowerment as a Board Chair” – Pat G.
  • “Great ideas for engaging board” – Jan H-R.
  • “As a young Executive Director, I found this training to be invaluable. The teaching was very understandable, rich with examples and stories that were relatable. I have lots of pre-made handouts, surveys, and evaluations that I can easily adapt to fit my organization.” – Missy O.
Graduates of the Certificate Series