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Oct 25th

Glenda Hicks Partners with The Joseph’s Network

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JNweblogoGlenda Hicks accepted an invitation to partner with The Joseph’s Network to offer training in the area of best practices in nonprofit financial management and leadership for disaster preparedness. The Joseph’s Network is a nonprofit organization comprised of churches, community, and business organizations working together in a time of disaster.


The Four Pillars of The Joseph’s Network (EPIC) are:



    Providing critical information to educate churches and its members on how to properly prepare in times of disaster.



    Connecting churches and their members to vital resources needed to survive a disaster.



    Equipping churches to support their members and local community in times of disaster.



    Connecting current partners with The Joseph’s Network to provide critical support and resources to communities devastated in a large-scale disaster.

The Joseph’s Networks has three primary programs:

The First 72 Hours – a collaboration program partnering with American Red Cross and other governmental agencies educating faith-based leaders on proper preparation for the first 72 hours after disaster. The goal is to create a network of cooperation for disaster preparedness that will ensure all partners have joint access to education through partnering agencies, available resources and supplies.
The Mini Summits – a county specific program working with the local EMA, helping the leaders and its members prepare for pre and post disasters working directly with the Department of Public Health, the Emergency Response Division, and American Red Cross.
Online Collaborative Education – a program to connect with faith-based organizations, governmental agencies and its community by connecting together in time of disaster to conduct and learn best practices for disaster preparedness and interaction.

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