To be effective, an organization must periodically make an assessment of its work.  How will an organization know if its decisions and efforts are successful and effective?  Prudent individuals attempt to make the best decisions they can, given the best available information at the time.  This can be in regards to policies, procedures, programs, forms, performance, returns, and many other areas.  To know whether the given policy, procedure, program, form, performance, or return met the intended goal or objective, an assessment must be conducted.  Because change occurs every day, what is effective today may not be effective or even relevant tomorrow.

The Firm will assist nonprofit organizations by facilitating and/or administering assessments and providing a report of findings with recommendations, in the areas of Board Governance and Financial Management.

Assessment of the Chief Executive*


The Assessment of the Chief Executive (ACE) tool enables your board to evaluate the performance of your chief executive in four key areas: annual performance goals, core competencies, leadership qualities, and accomplishments and challenges. Request Assessment 

Board Self-Assessment Benchmark*


A board self-assessment benchmark report compares your board’s performance to others within the nonprofit sector, giving you the opportunity to discover where your board’s performance and practices are above average and where they are lagging behind. Request Assessment 

Board Self-Assessment*


The BSA lays a foundation for setting board development priorities and motivating board members – individually and collectively – to strengthen the board’s governance performance and practices. The online survey covers board practices and policies plus nine areas of board responsibility. Request Assessment 



Is your board on the right path to becoming diverse and inclusive? Many types of diversity bring value to the boardroom. This tool focuses on determining what phase of development your board is in relative to age, gender, race/ethnicity, and socio-economic diversity. Request Assessment 

The Peer-to-Peer Assessment*


The Peer-to-Peer Assessment tool asks your board members to reflect on their own individual performances as well as the performances of their peers, providing each member with the opportunity to learn what aspects of his or her service adds value to the board team and what aspects might be strengthened. Request Assessment 
*These assessments are conducted by BoardSource, but facilitated by Glenda Y. Hicks, CPA
The Firm will perform an assessment of the accounting function within a nonprofit organization (ideal for new executive directors desiring an understanding of the state of accounting operations) and provide a report outlining findings and recommendations for best practice improvements. Request Assessment