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Welcome to the On-Demand Video Library of training resources.

In today’s world of nonprofit governance and leadership, board members and executive directors (CEO’s) are hungry for support! Many organizations are long on needs and short on time, resources, understanding and solutions. Each training module consists of a 30-minute session of information, resources, and tools to help you understand a particular area of board governance, board development, and financial management for your nonprofit organization. The objective is to keep the sessions short, relevant, available any time, and full of useful information and insights.

First, watch my Welcome Video, then make your selections. After completing your training, please do me a favor:

  1. Send me a few questions about specific issues facing your organization within the subject area of the module you purchased, and/or
  2. Send me suggestions of future videos you would like to see, and/or
  3. Send me feedback on your video experience.
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Your agency questions may anonymously appear as the subject of a future blog post, a future training module, or I might even contact you directly with some suggested solutions.

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